Jade - Nephrite

(Nephrite Jade) Associated with wisdom and music, Jade is used to enhance the focus in prayer and ceremony. In doing so it allows us access to knowledge like that used in the ancient rituals of the Mayan culture where Jade was so popular.

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Carvings are often done in Jade and a traditional Mayan calendar is always found carved from this majestic stone. Today Buddha carvings are very much the ‘thing’ to be carved, as are gorgeous pale green hearts.

Jade radiates the feelings of tranquillity, kindness, nurturing and love. Jade aids fertility and eases childbirth. It brings serenity and peace. It calms aggressive problems of the hips, kidneys and spleen and balances the heart chakra. Jade is said to attract good luck, friendship, loyalty and protection on long journeys.

Black Jade is rather a mystery itself, but the energy is said to dispel negative attack. Many believe however black, green and Nephrite Jade have the power to fight off psychic attack and malevolence. Use by placing pieces of it at all openings of the home: windows, doors, fire places, etc.

Nephrite Jade has all the wonderful properties of Jade. It is beautiful, dark and mysterious. It is considered a very female stone and one of fidelity and passion.  It works on the heart chakra, opening and pulling in and sending out universal love. Nephrite Jade is able to help with dysfunctional relationships enabling one to see the true essence and reality of it. It balances the metabolism and boosts confidence.