Morganite brings peace within. It encourages confidence and self-acceptance. It’s Particularly good at handling rebel hormone imbalances, like those we encounter in puberty, pregnancy and menopause.

You can turn a pessimistic, defeatist attitude around whilst wearing Morganite. It imbues happiness. It permeates the very fibres of your being with a happy vibe – cleaning and cleaning all the emotional rubbish that has collected in your body, mind and aura.

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Morganite transmits Divine energy from the higher self, our spirit body, into our physical body. Think of it as a download. All you need to do is hold your Morganite in your cupped hand. Breathe on your Morganite, squeeze your Morganite gently and feel Divine love flow. However, don’t be fooled by Morganite. Yes, it’s sending gentle healing, yes, it’s holding space for you to heal, and yes, it’s shining light into those darker areas within you that have experienced hurt or loss. It does all that and much more. It packs SOME punch. Morganite is strong and feisty. It delivers. It transmutes energy and creates change. It helps one to actualise their potential and achieve their highest good.

Morganite used with Peridot and Herkimer Diamonds can bring healing to those who have experienced great trauma. Broken hearts physically, mentally and emotionally hurt. They can cause tremendous shock to all the chakra centres of the body simultaneously. This kind of trauma requires profound healing and fast. Crystals amplify the healing from the healer. Morganite, Peridot and Herkimer Diamonds are used together in a grid for holding space. They allow the healing intention time to effect change.

Morganite is from the family of Beryls. You might be more aware of its celebrity siblings Emerald or Aquamarine. Usually, these take the larger slice of attention. Heliodor and Golden Beryl are also from the same family.

It was world-renowned gemologist Dr George Fredrick Kunz, Tiffany & Co’s chief geologist, who played a significant role in discovering Morganite in 1910. For many years Morganite was known simply as ‘PINK BERYL’ until Dr Kunz re-named it Morganite to honour his friend and personal benefactor, John Morgan. John Morgan was an extraordinary gemstone collector in his own right.